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August 26

One Day - a tale of DRM gone mad

It is with some satisfaction that I can honestly say I feel not the least little bit of remorse or concern at having just made an illegal download of a ripped copy on .pdf of the book "One Day" by David Nicholls.

If you know how I feel about authors working hard and deserving to be rewarded and recognized for that then this could come as a surprise, so let me explain the background Read More »

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August 25

Airborne Aero!

With the departure for France only days away and Derrick in tip-top condition disaster has struck; believe it or not in the form of "the cuddly toy"! It almost reminds me of the Monty Python sketch with the comfy chair ("Always expect the unexpected"!).... Perhaps I should explain though; Read More »

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August 15

Henceforth let him be known as.... Derrick!

I really am not entirely sure how it came to pass.... but since the matter has been the subject of at least two blog posts I feel it bears mention to relate that our tandem bicycle got christened recently. Read More »

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August 09

Tempting fate with tandem naming!

Over at a little while ago I made this post where I said;

`And furthermore I have an idea for a possible name for our tandem - which is: "TANTALUS"`


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August 04

Honour Killing

What my mother did for me

Gave birth

Laughed and left

Died a death of shame

What my step-mother did for me

Took my father to task for calling me a pigs arse

Stopped my father stealing my leather jacket

Called herself my mother

What my father did for me

Gave me responsibility

Showed me the way to hate

An introduction to misogyny

with a seasoning of fate

Read More »

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