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February 29

Shucks - no proposals (again!)

 | Feb 29
Hey ho

another leap year, another leap day alone.... Sounds maudlin but I am far from that, happier than I have been in ages and been "getting a lot done" at this end. If they are the right things, who knows, but still makes me feel good whatever it is.

I hear on the radio that some 15,000 women will apparently be bold enough to make a proposal today and if one work out the statistics on this that means that I believe about 50 will be proposing to another on their birthdays as well!

Now I had a daughter by a woman whose birthday falls today, but she never went that far and I had to get on bended knee myself (only to be refused....)

I'll be very interested in any comments or tales folks might have to tell for themselves on this subject.... I wonder how many people have to read my journal for one of them to be a woman who has proposed on a leap day? I bet at least one woman who reads this has at least made a proposal though... Then again there are "lies, damned lies, and statistics".

Anyway - let's see if this brooks any comment (can you say that even?).

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