Henceforth let him be known as.... Derrick!

I really am not entirely sure how it came to pass.... but since the matter has been the subject of at least two blog posts I feel it bears mention to relate that our tandem bicycle got christened recently. We were riding and talking casually touring local parks and I observed that there was still no name for our mount, but we both agreed this Cannondale seems to have the characteristics of male rather than female gender (something to do with the stiff ride and chunky frame no doubt?). I remarked that it seemed likely if nothing came up we might revert to lazily calling "him" Dale. In no small part this is because Cannondale bikes are often referred to as 'dales on forums and suchlike. Well _Aero_ was very quick to retort that she would never call him that! So I quickly rejoined with, "Well, what are we going to call him then? It might as well be something like..... **Derrick**..." and there was a moment's silence. Then we both realised the name had "stuck"! Funny how this sort of thing can happen with names. Later the next day I was getting the last of the water on Derrick's knees out, so to speak, and checked his credentials from the serial number - it turns out his birthday is in May and he's a sixteen year old teen!
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