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February 24


I read things I have written here and I feel pretty much sick and sad.

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manners and misogyny

I have a strange feeling that the exhibition of unwarranted courtly manners can be a "tell" for a misogynistic nature. I have desisted from waiting for my therapist to sit before I do myself. I derive a weird pleasure from knowing that my partner is unlikely to ever read these words far less to comment on them/

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sad and tragic

Sad was when I got excited to see a comment on Ghost Bikes and think it might have been from my partner.... Only to discover it was my own comment to myself....

Tragic was the revelation as to exactly how much I hate my father

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February 18

Ghost Bikes

I suspect people have observed so called "Ghost Bikes" and here is an interesting column on the subject which makes me realise that this phenomenon is perhaps not "something for me" in quite the way I had imagined it could be and leads me to realise how useful I see these "momento mori" of the highways

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A wrong turned right!

Behold! The fabulous Aero wins out and proves her point! Self-belief and persistence are rewarded with the refund of a parking fine and a token of restitution! Thank heavens for the existence of an ombudsman and an example to all!

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February 14

Terms of engagement

It seems a date has been set. Marriage may or may not suit me, it is fairly certain engagement has not made a gentleman of me, and therapy is unlikely to achieve that within a lifetime (given that I started after the half way point and, unlike Aero, do not believe in miracles), so I am pessimistic

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February 10

Let it snow!

I had so much to say, but just want to record that the plan is to get away to the New Forest for a break. This is a great treat from the marvelous Aero, but regrettably we cannot invite Derek, due to the inclement weather. However I am hopeful of stretching the legs of the inestimable Quaker and the beloved Aero in at least one ambulatory excursion, which may even extend to cycling proportions, retracing our first ever ride on a hired bicycle.

What a pompous paragraph the above is!

Just wanted to make it plain I was self aware, may come back and edit this with some poesy, but have other things to busy myself with right now....

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