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August 31

The Death of Didactic

I am not going to renew the domain.... the new domain (already purchased) is or I doubt it will however, be read by any more people - eu or not you.... I am hoping to grapple with Chyrp and make commenting easier somehow though then again I am in an exceptionally negative mood at the moment, witness the fact I have read about ten book since my last review.... shame, maybe, then again maybe I need to be more in touch with the eclectic (who has also not been making any entry) or maybe the online side of things is just not worth a candle...
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August 18

pyjamas hurts and life

SO I was happy to discover that at the end of "The Boy in Striped Pyjamas" the boy dies! Yeah go make the bad guy Nazi pay - and what a stereotype that the women are good in the movie of the book - there is something sick in that... I was very disappointed in the way that Gretchen did not counterbalance - at least in the movie... on the other hand I saw the end of "the Hurt Locker" on the telly also - and was impressed by one aspect alone (I do NOT think it should have been up for any Oscars - pretty crap movie IMHO) but what I did notice was the scene where a so called suicide bomber was actually strapped into a cage with a timer etc. and had walked up to the bomb disposal team seeking help to get himself out of the bomb cage, so to speak. Of course this is an American movie and he did not get out and the bomb disposal guy did not die (BOoooo) but it does cast the term "suicide bomber" in another light and make me wonder if this movie was actually propaganda of modern times - hence the Oscars, which are of course American - and no one could deny America is myopic and one sided when it comes to suicide bombs and Muslims, maybe? Anyway - it got me thinking a bit... And on a side note I was most upset they cut the audio description commentary on the pyjamas move so I still do not know if that was the voice of Jeremy Hardy and I somewhat doubt google is a friend in that regard! - /me goes to search.... Have to say impossible to discover whom should be credited with the voicing of the audio description for this movie, if anyone could let me know - in fact if anyone ever reads this that would be nice to know.... yeah yeah comment whore - but whatever
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