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September 26

Last night I took advantage of the last night of the year when I could take my road bike to Herne Hill Velodrome for a spell on the track. I arrived early in the foolish hope that I'd be able to get more time on the track, only to find a school session with track bikes was beginning, so since road and track bikes simply do not mix I had to wait my turn. Read More »

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September 21

Didactic is dying, long live Reading!

see the link , Now I really have no excuse for not being more diligent in my reviewing of my reading and so forth - who knows, perhaps there may even be a revival in the commenting, and accessibility of my writing blog? It is a work in progress, but that is my aim.

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September 10

isn't she lovely?

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will you look at the back tyre on that!

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September 05

Step Zero

Hello, my name is Paul And my father is an alcoholic (hit the wall)

I dream of my father's death and it is still his problem (take a breath)

Hello my name is Paul And my mother is dead (hit the nail on the head)

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