Honour Killing

What my mother did for me

Gave birth

Laughed and left

Died a death of shame

What my step-mother did for me

Took my father to task for calling me a pigs arse

Stopped my father stealing my leather jacket

Called herself my mother

What my father did for me

Gave me responsibility

Showed me the way to hate

An introduction to misogyny

with a seasoning of fate

"Poetry" aside...

he did buy me one bicycle once, doubt his addled rotten brain can remember it - I had it for about a day - then I went to the park and let someone else ride it, and it never came back.  I remember he took me to the park to look for them, but they were gone, and that was that.

He never did buy me another bicycle....

And now that I have finally become a father myself ans am hitting those years I simply find it beggars belief and I cannot understand at all.... The sickness of the man and all the opportunities missed.... Christ on a bike he is pathetic and the worst of it is to waste myself having the slightest feelings for him.

He deserves nothing.

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  1. Bravo young boy!

    Paul on