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October 31


I find myself comparing myself to a dog and a beta to Annie Alpha - even a theta (or epsilon) test if Greek is on the cards from Anne - ask Annie to comment in any dream fragments from our Chichester sojourn also there is something in discussing he making coffee remarks of Annis and other suchlike sensations I get - need to be able to write someone right into them - then we can get to the root of it

to put this in a coy way, are you familiar with the opus of Iggy Pop? (I wanna be your dawg")

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October 30

I'll be the death of him!


Be careful son, my father would say I tell a lie

If I died he would not cry

When his dog dies I watch him cry

When his dog dies I hate myself for crying


But the dog, what of him?

He just sees two lost souls

and, for pities sake, when the dog dies

I see three.

What about you?




Poetry, doggerel, or therapy, you decide.... All comments welcome and, if I know you, I'll take it up with you in the appropriate manner.

Yes, father I am perfectly serious - you are old enough to die of shock now.

Over and out

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October 28

New York, Miller, and bicycles

Basically I need to find a book by Henry Miller or Arthur Miller which was mainly biographical but heavily about his years in New York and his relationship with bicycles as much as women.... I am going to use these wikilinks and then (eventually) update the post with the didactic, if you chance upon it before then and what I have said so far interests you then you may want to

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October 27

"Two Tumbles" and "Home Within an Hour of Sunset - NOT!"

We still managed to take a break with our trusty tandem and the fabulous Aero has hit upon the idea we should give our rides "titles" to make them personally memorable after all if riders "en masse" can enjoy the "Dunwich Dynamo", say, then why not have "The Sydenham Slam" or something for a great ride we enjoy? I think you get the idea.... so coming to the title of tis post... Read More »

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