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August 26

One Day - a tale of DRM gone mad

It is with some satisfaction that I can honestly say I feel not the least little bit of remorse or concern at having just made an illegal download of a ripped copy on .pdf of the book "One Day" by David Nicholls. If you know how I feel about authors working hard and deserving to be rewarded and recognized for that then this could come as a surprise, so let me explain the background Last Christmas the fabulous Aero bought me a marvelous BeBook Neo to replace or complement my aging Sony E-reader. This was a "Kindle beater" in my opinion, since it not only had wi-fi built in, but a touch screen also! Since then a quick search or look at the tag for E-readers will reveal that the purchase of E-books has been anything BUT straightforwards, in the first instance involving an "all-nighter" as I learned what was involved (everything from a predicated Microshaft framework to a requirement to run Adobe Digital Editions. So in the run up to the holiday I had bought a copy of the Big Issue and read about "One Day" as a possible favourite book for the nation, at which point Aero tells me she has read it, told me about it, and that the female lead rides a bicycle! Immediately I want this tear jerker for some holiday reading and set about buying an E-book copy (since that way it only costs a fiver). Two or three hours later I collapse exhausted, no E-book bought through no fault of mine own.... later that night I search with E-mule and find a seed to start a download. This morning the book is downloaded and I can transfer it to my Sony, BeBook, or anywhere else I choose to read it from. There is no way I am suffering further waste of my time and anguish for the sake of a fiver of which Mr Nicholls sees a good deal less than that! I may as well send him a few bob or buy him a drink when/if I see him! A pretty compelling case for the removal of DRM - that way I should have been able to complete the transaction and pay far more readily than this!
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