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February 10

Death impacts

Death does tend to dent one when it touches those around one. Aero and I just in the process of taking a battering since the death of her sister last week. Meanwhile I am facing up to life after analysis, though no doubt I will need therapy to deal with that (!) DG's makeover is almost complete with the addition of blue pedals.... whenever I manage to wear out the original tyres and fit the blue striped ones I shall have to make "before and after" pictures post. I recently realised that my ingrained misogyny issues are really (going to?) impact me when my daughter grows up - at least I can try to be mindful while she grows and hopefully through this mitigate impacts on her. More geeky news is the thrilling prospect of "coding Wednesdays" to get the recycling app online after a year or two languishing And I am at least for the time being desisting abilify (aripiprezole) after finding the side effects (particularly weight gain) intolerable.....
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