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December 22

love knee, hate bad gristle!

My lovely Aero is having the pain removed from a knee as I type (well, tap on the blackberry). The exciting part is she tells me for recovery Derrik may be the key! Woo Hoo!
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December 12

Goodbye Galina hello birthday

I was really touched yesterday to learn more about the life of [[Galina Vishnevskaya]] with the sad news of her passing. Larger than life as all opera divas ought to be she had a special relationship with Britten's war requiem - he had composed the piece with her voice in mind, effectively writing what was to be a haunting and ground breaking work dedicated to her. Sadly the debut performance of the piece at Coventry Cathedral, a very famous concert indeed, did not feature her voice,m since she was not allowed by the authorities to leave the Soviet Union at the time. When it came to the first recording, however, Britten's wishes could be met and she recorded the more famous version - one which I now intend to purchase - I am sure there will be a surge in it's popularity.
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December 10
Bears at my table? ================== OK so this was weird.... I began with a search for quotations to back me up on an allegation I felt like making about the nature of all psychiatrists (somewhat [[anti-psychiatric]]). I turned up nada, but a couple of gems were both from Malcolm Rogers (never did find out if he is the Dr 'Mack' Portera Rogers or not) - "The science of Psychiatry is now where the science of Medicine was before germs were discovered" - “A psychiatrist is a person who will give you expensive answers that your wife will give you for free” Around here I fell off into the wonderful world of Wikipedia for around half an hour... ...Believe it or not in my attempts to discover who the heck this Malcolm Rogers was I find I land at [this article]( "a link to a paper") on "Excessive substance use in bipolar disorder is associated with impaired functioning rather than clinical characteristics, a descriptive study" Which was simply weird.... And various images like this one, attempts to insert a html picture link.... ![obscure medical table](,r:20,s:0,i:148 "table") and when I came to I had landed back in the world of google images, discovered the picture above, and added [Reciprocity Failure]( "link to blog the picture came from") to my blogroll (this was the, albeit removed by one, source of the picture I have used).
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December 09

Marriages and mobiles

A thrilling weekend for many reasons. Most noteworthy giving notice of my marriage next May to the wonderful, inimitable Aero! A happy coincidence is that this will be ready for us to collect on the 24th December, I cannot think of a nicer Christmas present to us both! Also the unlocking, finally of my old V3i so that I can relax again away from the chirpings and perpetual low batteries of my cursed "3" Blackberry curve! It felt like coming home, ridiculous and a final marker that I have dropped off the tech curve I guess. On a lesser note my first beef stew was cooked to greet Aero's return from visiting her sister, a much needed constitutional boost for us both. More excitingly I have on order a pair of BLUE pedals to (almost) complete the prettifying, nay _beautifying_, of DG! Also a summer Brixton Cycles cycling jersey was in stock and is reserved for me! Thrilling times indeed!
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