Tempting fate with tandem naming!

Over at didactic.me a little while ago I made this post where I said;

`And furthermore I have an idea for a possible name for our tandem - which is: "TANTALUS"`

OH HOW I REGRET THAT NOW! You may perhaps realize what befell [[Tantalus]] (I did not exactly know the full horror of it though!) and it would seem our poor tandem was destined to suffer too! I lifted him off the rack of our car recently on returning from the Cuckoo Trail ride and there was a "swooshing" sound that foretold a significant amount of water INSIDE the frame, just about the last thing you want. Luckily I am not sure I am so superstitious as to thinking the two events are connected, well not beyond my subconscious which I cannot deny may have played a part!

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