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March 30

Under Milk Wood

Ah well - it was a nice break but I never did get to visit New Quay and only saw a little of Llanggrog let alone immerse myself in "Under Milk Wood".  It seems like this is a work of literature which is destined to take it's place alongside Ulysses, The Wasteland, and Proust as one which I admore and always intend to get around to fully enjoying but am "saving up" as a treat rather like a child who will not eat the favoured item on the plate until the rest has been consumed.

On occassion I worry that this means I shall never enjoy these, but hopefully that is not the case, because it would be a shame if it were.  Perhaps at least in blogging I have a gentle reminder to myself to get around to it one day (I am sure in making the initial post I was trying to give myself an incentive and motivation for this one.  Perhaps part of the problem is that I "save them up" for a holiday and the fact is that they are more serious works of literature and not "holiday reading" as such?

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