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July 31

test breaks (Arai brakes text!)

This post was originally a test one for IE browser issues with Chyrp! but I found it amusing and freaky odd that I had a document on my desktop for drum brakes and chose to grab that and take some text as a random sample for testing Line breaks!

Most important, using this brake on long descents allows Read More »

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Just incase - Registration

I have learnt from the didactic days that spambots love blogs (or anywhere they can post their crappy emails and links into), BUT I like to try and leave things open for genuine passers by Read More »

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July 28

Elegy Query Epitaph Query Obituary

Assasination by poem, if it were possible, would be a fitting end for my father.

 The Iambic pentameter what done it Guv -

 A cunning plan for the perfect crime - read a poem where the rhythm is SO powerful it accelerates the beat of the heart Read More »(((more)))

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July 27


´╗┐Upon confronting himself
the narcissist will often
hide amongst bamboo

The pandas of the psychic world
often prone to failed breeding
preferring their own gender
Within their bamboo stand
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