Airborne Aero!

With the departure for France only days away and Derrick in tip-top condition disaster has struck; believe it or not in the form of "the cuddly toy"! It almost reminds me of the Monty Python sketch with the comfy chair ("Always expect the unexpected"!).... Perhaps I should explain though; Aero has a guide dog, Q. Q likes to have his "puppies" in the form of cuddly toys (with and without squeaks in all shapes and sizes). Q is untidy with his puppies and has never been trained to "put them away" in their basket. About a week ago Q managed to drop on at the top of the stairs and, whilst I was out walking Q, Aero managed to find this and before you know it she was more aero than one might hope, flying down the stairs! The result? A series of collisions on the descent, the main impact born at the base of the spine on the tail bone. And the outfall of that is that it is very painful for my stoker to ride the bike - and likely may remain so to some extent whilst we are in France. Perhaps then it is lucky that I have also bought a bike rack for a solo in order for daughter and us to do the London Sky Ride on our return from France, and can use this to take Rory (my Raleigh aero 100 road bike) abroad for a few reconnaissance rides and maybe some solo fun if the tandem is out of action.
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