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June 17

Just A Toothbrush... Ninja Haiku competition!

 | Jun 17
OK - this was pukeworthy the first time - but it seems to be resurfacing for further attention whoring. If you see in my comment I am inviting Haiku to take the ironic P**s out of this remorselessly - I shall edit some in here myself... soon....

You're a pink one
My toothbrush is greenish
I puked on it

Toothbrush stands there
remorselessly gouging eyes out
from sentmental skull

In response to Just A Toothbrush... by silkgoddess4u:
Just A Toothbrush...

This morning I ran into his toothbrush.
It was hiding behind the Med's.
Oh! I remember so well, watching him
brush his teeth from my bed.
Then he would kiss me good-bye and
rush out the door.

Oh! The toothbrush is still near.
though he is far away.
Just a toothbrush tugging at my heart.
Bringing back memories of happier days.

I remember throwing out this toothbrush
so many times, Or did I?
This time I will be strong.
This time I will take it to the dumpster.
I will not let this toothbrush make me cry.
I will not let it come my way again.

Good-bye toothbrush! The kisses he gave me
were only for fun.
Good-bye toothbrush! He said that he loved me
and he lied from the start.

Just a toothbrush, but with it went my heart.


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