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December 10
Bears at my table? ================== OK so this was weird.... I began with a search for quotations to back me up on an allegation I felt like making about the nature of all psychiatrists (somewhat [[anti-psychiatric]]). I turned up nada, but a couple of gems were both from Malcolm Rogers (never did find out if he is the Dr 'Mack' Portera Rogers or not) - "The science of Psychiatry is now where the science of Medicine was before germs were discovered" - “A psychiatrist is a person who will give you expensive answers that your wife will give you for free” Around here I fell off into the wonderful world of Wikipedia for around half an hour... ...Believe it or not in my attempts to discover who the heck this Malcolm Rogers was I find I land at [this article]( "a link to a paper") on "Excessive substance use in bipolar disorder is associated with impaired functioning rather than clinical characteristics, a descriptive study" Which was simply weird.... And various images like this one, attempts to insert a html picture link.... ![obscure medical table](,r:20,s:0,i:148 "table") and when I came to I had landed back in the world of google images, discovered the picture above, and added [Reciprocity Failure]( "link to blog the picture came from") to my blogroll (this was the, albeit removed by one, source of the picture I have used).
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January 17

My geeky blog

I need to make a post upate, for my own monitoring testing purposes (one disappeared recently in what I can only assume was an unscheduled site rollback!)

For any returning reader; there is a hiatus in my blogging - follow the link (click the title above) for the geeky details.

Hopefully resumption of normal, more frequesnt and regular, postings in line with the new theme will be imminent (I have no shortage of material, so there may even be an intial surge when I'm reasured the blog is "secure").

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December 26

Happy New Year, Happy New Blog

the Christmas dinner shift went well - I shall write about it in more detail when my memories, like the food, have been digested! I shall try to write also about how it only feels like Christmas if family is subtracted. And how rare happy Christmas memories are for me. Anyone out there who survived it or accumulated happy memories - well done! With the New year will come the new blog - and this and the previous post be amalgamated and rewritten…. one other highlight to come in the new blog is hopefully I shall link and post to a homeless person with a blog, if they come and comment here… Now THAT impressed me!
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December 19

Coming Soon

I know it has been a while without a post.  I have not been entirely idle so far as blogging goes though, I have taken a copy of my blog and upgraded it to Chyrp RC3.  However there are a few things I still need to get fixed and working (like all the old post tags).  I am persevering with that and I expect I shall get some support from the Chyrp community and overcome eventually.  You will be sure to notice just as soon as I do, because then I shall move my changes over here to “go live” and the blog will be all shiny newness.

One of the things I am hoping to change is to allow anonymous comments from guests (I was getting too many spam comments this way before).  There should also be a blog search function.  And generally a new look all round - I’ll probably review the sidebar too (though I intend to keep my blogroll and the books I am reading).

At the same time as reviewing the technology I use I have also been mulling over that the blog does not have a coherent focus and wondering if I should reconsider that.  One possibility would be to make this blog very specifically for my writing and about writers concerns and issues.  Another possibility would be to spin that off to a separateblog and keep this one somewhat “personal”.  I am aware from the blogs that I choose to read myself (see blogroll) that any “personal” blogs tend to make for the most awfully boring reading though.  And I confess that, now I have been blogging for perhaps three months, I have developed an appetite for growing my audience and getting more lively comments…. Any suggestions as to specialisations or blog “causes” most welcome!

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October 08

Historic things to blog about

things to blog about:-

toggle sidebar blog ides - chyrp?


German architecture - cf gaudi

Liz Williams

Humans will not evolve further

tag maelstrom

possessive girlfriends

three strikes and you're in (my blogroll)

hrabbit quote (extract kids) - (to links)

Site "Easter eggs" (CF XFN friendly tag on blogroll)

libraries - Indie online 9/10

thought for the day 8/10 - "forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors" (CF - fRA blog post)

Orange prize and gender bias in publishing (CF blogging)

poetryiamwriting site idea

Google cautionary tale - Edith!

Ephemera (poem) - scattered poem linkage...

Chomosomal inheritance (boys like mother, girls like father)

procrastination versus reward

out of work

flavours of blog

process of writing (Esp. preparation VIZ NaNoWriMo)

Parenting and benefit and me

New Deal - parenting thing, highly political, outsourcing - not 10% but 40%

Childrens time perception and heartbeat etc

cybersex stuff -

[[The Archers]]

CD prism stack/rainbow pic (Chirp blog?)

Twitter - feed/guide

comments system (WHEN if overhaul especially)

EVEN OLDER (Historic in terms of my life)

Dizzies boogie woogie

Great gigs I have known (oh so many!)

Hood fair

Roger Wilkins cider farm and Joe Strummer

Roundhouse days

 - overheads

 - naked man art

Rocky Horror in Kings Road

Meeting John Lydon

The Glastonbury bread man?  That was me!

Mental health and asylum years

cycling stories (London to Plymouth and London to Brighton)

Carl North



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September 25

Things to Blog about from 2009 on;

Equality - spiritual and book choices?  Vocab?)

The Princess Bride

Mount TBR (list and/or count)

Tale of Two cities (Urban17 and new book groups)

Libraries (27th Jan, user group?)

Hamish Henderson (poet)

Write about the Robber Bride (Atwood) and mention cited for "man hating" in OED - "1993 M. ATWOOD Robber Bride xlv. 348 He thinks they're a bunch of man-hating hairy-legged whip-toting feminists."

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