Historic things to blog about

things to blog about:-

toggle sidebar blog ides - chyrp?


German architecture - cf gaudi

Liz Williams

Humans will not evolve further

tag maelstrom

possessive girlfriends

three strikes and you're in (my blogroll)

hrabbit quote (extract kids) - bash.org (to links)

Site "Easter eggs" (CF XFN friendly tag on blogroll)

libraries - Indie online 9/10

thought for the day 8/10 - "forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors" (CF - fRA blog post)

Orange prize and gender bias in publishing (CF blogging)

poetryiamwriting site idea

Google cautionary tale - Edith!

Ephemera (poem) - scattered poem linkage...

Chomosomal inheritance (boys like mother, girls like father)

procrastination versus reward

out of work

flavours of blog

process of writing (Esp. preparation VIZ NaNoWriMo)


Parenting and benefit and me

New Deal - parenting thing, highly political, outsourcing - not 10% but 40%

Childrens time perception and heartbeat etc

cybersex stuff - http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/features/cybersex-rules-inside-the-world-of-lsquoteledildonics-1027699.html

[[The Archers]]

CD prism stack/rainbow pic (Chirp blog?)

Twitter - feed/guide http://www.caroline-middlebrook.com/blog/twitter-guide/

comments system (WHEN if overhaul especially)

EVEN OLDER (Historic in terms of my life)

Dizzies boogie woogie

Great gigs I have known (oh so many!)

Hood fair

Roger Wilkins cider farm and Joe Strummer

Roundhouse days

 - overheads

 - naked man art

Rocky Horror in Kings Road

Meeting John Lydon

The Glastonbury bread man?  That was me!

Mental health and asylum years

cycling stories (London to Plymouth and London to Brighton)

Carl North



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  1. Brilliant ideas! All these stories promise to appeal to a very wide audience! You are full of great stories and I can't wait to read them but I must be patient due to your busy schedule with half-term and choir!

    SEG on
  2. only you and I can see this Elisa - you are marked as a friend!

    Mainframeguy on