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November 29

I have had Anne analyst and here is her present.

I tried to present myself,
but that was too hard;

so here is part of a bicycle,
not mine I hasten to add.

It is in some remarkable packaging that once held a remarkable object
An origami bike spanner - imagine that!

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December 24

My daughter can't wait until Christmas!

If there is one phrase that has become the signature or catch phrase for this year it is "I can't wait until Christmas!". Fortunately it is spoken with such charm and variation in inflection and with a certain sense of timing that it has not become TOO wearing (yet!).

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December 10


How to offset the cycling obsession?

Icy weather is likely to make a natural intervention sooner or later at this time of year. It is a time to look towards making things special for the ones I love.

For the first time I can remember I seem to have actually bought all the presents for Christmas before my birthday! Read More »

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December 26

Happy New Year, Happy New Blog

the Christmas dinner shift went well - I shall write about it in more detail when my memories, like the food, have been digested!

I shall try to write also about how it only feels like Christmas if family is subtracted. And how rare happy Christmas memories are for me.

Anyone out there who survived it or accumulated happy memories - well done!

With the New year will come the new blog - and this and the previous post be amalgamated and rewritten…. one other highlight to come in the new blog is hopefully I shall link and post to a homeless person with a blog, if they come and comment here… Now THAT impressed me!

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