sad and tragic

Sad was when I got excited to see a comment on Ghost Bikes and think it might have been from my partner.... Only to discover it was my own comment to myself.... Tragic was the revelation as to exactly how much I hate my father I want to kill the fucker the mother fucker abusive bastard I have no love left for him he is a purely abusive bastard I am so scared I am him the only reason my partner loves me is as a specimen of abuse I want to kill my father very badly What held me back must have been something good struggling and I can just remember the last good thing I felt - it died when my sister was born I wish i could make my father never be alive But where does that leave me? He is the most unmitigated unloving awful bastard I could ever imagine - why the fuck was he allowed to live - I could believe in eugenics - but then I would have to go - and him before me He is the Antichrist - and I mean that.... (OH HE'D BE SO PROUD!)
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