Ghost Bikes

I suspect people have observed so called "Ghost Bikes" and here is an interesting column on the subject which makes me realise that this phenomenon is perhaps not "something for me" in quite the way I had imagined it could be and leads me to realise how useful I see these "momento mori" of the highways First let me get off my chest that, contrary to [[Christina Patterson]]'s views, I am not taking enormous risks in cycling about London, although I cannot avoid remaining vulnerable I take every opportunity to maximize my safety - most definitely from mortal danger. It is possible a broken limb would make me revise my thoughts, but having survived without one so far that remains to be seen. I do believe the ghost bikes, properly deployed, have a secondary function which has been totally missed in this invective (is that too strong a word?). I am always struck, riding, driving, or walking past a ghost bike, by the need to be "super safe", to be vigilant. Surely she can see that these Ghost Bikes are a highly effective way to indicate an accident black spot for cyclists, who face special hazards on the roads? I must say I have to add a rubric to that which is that this only works if the bikes continue to be painted white. I would also be upset by a rusting ghost bike, or one without it's wheels, but these are things I have yet to see (not that I am calling her a liar!). If I were a journalist I would publish to this effect in a column, but as it is I shall settle for a blog post!
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  1. Weird that Christina Patterson has somehow avoided appearing on Wikipedia - maybe I'll start an entry? Hopefully I have better things to do!

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