manners and misogyny

I have a strange feeling that the exhibition of unwarranted courtly manners can be a "tell" for a misogynistic nature. I have desisted from waiting for my therapist to sit before I do myself. I derive a weird pleasure from knowing that my partner is unlikely to ever read these words far less to comment on them/ How regressed am I? About eleven, maybe? Luckily it changes all the time and I mainly want to talk to my inner adult - the seventy year old geezer inside - who is not so dumb. Talking of therapists she wants me to write a letter to my father to get him out of my head - nice idea - sadly not so simple - the fucker needs shooting and a bullet in the brain, well it is kinda terminal. Manner maketh the man - misogyny maketh the me (as my father made me)
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