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September 30

Derek's plans thwarted!

Well... not content with cycling the byways of Northern Normandy, Derek returns and has ambitions to cycle as far back as he can without recourse to a passport. In fact within sight of the very cliff tops visited by Rory, to the island of Guernsey. Read More »

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September 06

Derek en vacance en France!

Not only that but pictured at the crossroads of a "voie verte" with identifying signing and the typical architecture replete with mandatory geraniums. Read More »

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April 12

An open letter, and a challenge!

Dear friends

We have pledged to complete a 100 kilometer charity night ride
through London taking place on the night of Saturday June 11th..
Starting from Crystal palace at or soon after midnight and finishing
there at “breakfast time” (“kitchen” closes at nine!) on the Sunday
morning. We cycle a route around London, including Alexandra Palace
to the North and crossing the Thames no less than five times along the

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Our chosen c

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January 19

Christ On A Bike - the blog is dead, long live the blog.

Well, I am making this post to the blog using PHPMyAdmin, which is far from ideal - some while back I discovered my login stopped working and then more recently the database got borked by hosting updates....

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March 30

Under Milk Wood

Ah well - it was a nice break but I never did get to visit New Quay and only saw a little of Llanggrog let alone immerse myself in "Under Milk Wood".  It seems like this is a work of literature which is destined to take it's place alongside Ulysses, The Wasteland, and Proust as one which I admore and always intend to get around to fully enjoying but am "saving up" as a treat rather like a child who will not eat the favoured item on the plate until the rest has been consumed.

On occassion I worry that this means I shall never enjoy these, but hopefully that is not the case, because it would be a shame if it were.  Perhaps at least in blogging I have a gentle reminder to myself to get around to it one day (I am sure in making the initial post I was trying to give myself an incentive and motivation for this one.  Perhaps part of the problem is that I "save them up" for a holiday and the fact is that they are more serious works of literature and not "holiday reading" as such?

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