Derek's plans thwarted!

Well... not content with cycling the byways of Northern Normandy, Derek returns and has ambitions to cycle as far back as he can without recourse to a passport. In fact within sight of the very cliff tops visited by Rory, to the island of Guernsey. The hopeful plan was to get as far as Poole and then unload Derek and be riding for the rest of a short break holiday, over on the ferry and then having our tandem to hand on the island as transport. This would have the benefit of placing us as foot passengers with a cycle on the ferry - which usually means quite a saving I believe. Well the bast laid plans, as they say. It seem this is not possible, at least not this time. Derek must be a creature of habit though, since he is now considering returning to the venue for the Easter tandem rally, in Arundel. It will be interesting seeing how the area is when it is NOT bluebell season! We seem to have notched up close on one and a half thousand miles in our first year of tandem riding. Not bad, and a thousand of those on Derek in a fairly short time - though I was slightly distressed to see signs of wear beyond the chain on the transmission - I do hope we get at least another couple of years wear out of those cogs! Going to take Derek for a service soon at Brixton Bikes - so watch this space!
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