Just incase - Registration

I have learnt from the didactic days that spambots love blogs (or anywhere they can post their crappy emails and links into), BUT I like to try and leave things open for genuine passers by So if you want your registration to be approved please comment on this post and evade the spam filter.... Or use the link within the "Contact Me" page to drop a line and I'll take care of it - At least the AKISMET filter marks down most of the spam from my experience, I need to see if it can be applied to User registration also and so have also made default login type revert to BANNED, we will see what that does and maybe it will reduce the incidence of passing spambots too?

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  1. Dear Mainframeguy - this is to show how a login that was not working might ask to be reinstated after the clear out - of course registration at "Eclectic.me" needs to be done separately....

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