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July 27


´╗┐Upon confronting himself
the narcissist will often
hide amongst bamboo

The pandas of the psychic world
often prone to failed breeding
preferring their own gender
Within their bamboo stand

Descent from home
through mired stench trench
Up to a pot
Where I sat and wept

No stand, just sit
a lonesome clump
place to shit
or feelings dump.

Across the way another called
echo of the first
Mother to the other, maybe,
or itself the first?

Straight shooting people
in deep discussion
Shoot eating pandas
in dire strait’s

Narcissist to their self
Pandas to their natures
Each to each
Lost to the world

They eat it up you see
and shit it out
without a doubt
something we could not

Sorry to see the pandas gone
Narcissus hung himself
from the apos trope fee

PAW July 2011

PAW July 2011

In grudging respect to Lynne Truss and her volume on Sussex dialect - read at the tandem rally in Easter.

I reserve the right to revisit, delete or generally muck about with this poem.

Commentary will be respected so long as it makes a reference to the poem, in keeping with the "about" page of thge blog.


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July 31

Quakers and cakes

Today yearly meeting decided on partnerships and I had the idea of trying to earn an extra crust by making "custom cakes" for couples especially but anyone in general under the franchise of tea and therapy, with food for your mood.  I have these great ideas *sigh* but I cannot decorate cakes for toffee so am I wasting my time?  In the context of the posting above this one I should involve this into a spiritual post on "Chuggie", which was the childhood name for flapjack I remember from my first boyhood best friend's family!

Another example of such an idea - you know the way drinking straws will always rise from a carbonated glass and invariably escape as you are nearing the destination?  Well it is not beyond the wit of man to devise a straw that will not do this and I reckon patenting that could make you a tidy sum.

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