test breaks (Arai brakes text!)

This post was originally a test one for IE browser issues with Chyrp! but I found it amusing and freaky odd that I had a document on my desktop for drum brakes and chose to grab that and take some text as a random sample for testing Line breaks!

Most important, using this brake on long descents allows > a tandem's rims to remain cool, preventing tyre over-inflation and blowouts. Only on a very long down-
grade, may some minor brake fade be noticed.

Because the Arai drum brake is extremely smooth and progressive, like a car brake, many tandem own-
ers find they use the Arai brake instead of their rim brakes for all non-emergency braking.

The Arai brake (and all other hub brakes) requires more cable travel than rim brakes and so the article goes on ...

I could post more, but have to say I am going to be thrilled to install one of these! I have never quite believed it is possible to heat the rims to the extent of causing the tube to fail, but I do so like the idea that Aero can play her part in controlling our descents, especially when they are the more extreme ones and she becomes "uncomfortable"!

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