Blogging bookshelves and employment

I'm thinking of the Kevin Costner movie "Field of Dreams" at the moment, maybe every blogger has that feeling, it is like "build it and they will come" but I know I shall not always make a post that especially entertains with a particular attitude.  At least not so far as I can tell, but then I probably get easily bored by myself.

I've wondered idly from time to time if a blog could be any aid to my finding employment.  But when I tried googling to find any evidence for that it seems far more likely that a blog will result in you being fired than it will in you being hired!  One of the top hits seems to be the M$ employee who took pictures of Apple G5's being shipped into M$ buildings and posted them to his blog (he was fired).

The other thing I've already mentioned toying with is adding to the blog something indicating the book I am reading.  Once I looked a little further into that it seems it is a heavily mined area of blogging already.  It is one instance of a "social cataloging application" apparently, and as Wikipedia will show you, there are several widespread already in this area, like Shelfari, Goodreads, Books iRead, and Anobii.  I'm tempted to look into that last one a little further, I certainly have no intention of paying anything for the service!  I think really I ought to try coding something to make the books I am reading site throw up a page - it should not be that hard really.... certainly not if I make it a link from this page, but I guess most people would prefer to see it right away on the home page and are less likely to click away to a sub page.  Comments from any passing bloggers on this are of course most welcome!

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