A celebrity of sorts

I know that a post or two back I said I would be mentioning celebrity, so I'd better elaborate.  I can remember a classmate from school who was always making jokes and generally being something of a comedian.  So somehow it came as no surprise when I more recently started to hear him on the radio.  At school he had a longer name than the one he uses now that he has achieved minor celebrity status.  Anyway he now goes by the name of "Tony Hawks" and what surprises me is that he seems pretty much just the same as I remember him from schooldays all those years ago.  I wonder how common that experience is?  I have to admit to finding it a little depressing sometimes, it makes me think we are to a very large extent defined in our early years and from then onwards we only expand in other areas somehow.  But perhaps it is not necessarily so?

I have of course been fiddling with things I can do on this blog, and as well as video links I can upload audio and pictures up to 2MB in size, so I'll try to keep an eye out for anything entertaining or instructional, in keeping with my blog title.  I'm working on adding a sidebar entry for the book I am currently reading too - but I want to give that a little thought and keep away from the more commercial sites.

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