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October 01

My site of the day today!

*sigh* well this WAS going to be a more exciting post than it is turning out...

You see I heard of this innovative new dictionary site from the Indie today, which in it's online incarnation seems to be throwing out early editions with 'net related news stories a lot these days.  Anyway, the concept is a simple but sort of fun one.  People make short clips offering the definition for a word.  Of course I had to go and check for Didactic (going to put definition in the banner when I get around to it by the way) and lo and behold, no one had done it yet.  So, the plan was that I might record same on my webcam (and no doubt make a cheeky plug for the blog in closing).... But three hours later and WILL my laptop mic record, NO it will not!  Most frustrating!  I'll try to keep an eye out if a definition DOES crop up, might still be worth a link in the blog, but for the moment no video post (though I may browse the site a bit and there's still a chance I'll post one after this for entertainment if I find a worthy word!).

It's like I got all ready for a performance though, then it was cancelled!  I could have persisted and tried to bluetooth my V3 or got out my old Sony digicam, but I can only take so much geek torture, and the thing is I know the internal mic ought to work because I've used it with a chat program in AV mode before...

Oh yeah - and if it SHOULD be a reader of this post that submits a didactic definition to the site... Any chance of plugging the blog at the end? hehe...

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September 19

For my definition of Didactic at Wordia click here!

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