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October 28

New York, Miller, and bicycles

Basically I need to find a book by [[Henry Miller]] or [[Arthur Miller]] which was mainly biographical but heavily about his years in New York and his relationship with bicycles as much as women.... I am going to use these wikilinks and then (eventually) update the post with the didactic, if you chance upon it before then and what I have said so far interests you then you may want to

see [here]( "a cross link to my other blog...") also

don't even mention Oxford commas! and what is weird now and surely cannot be is I am wondering was it Arthur Miller?

Came across [this intriguing blog]( "Bella looks like she knows bikes!") in wikipedia diversions; for blogroll?

[ ooh err, rather!]( "Thigh Godess indeed, a gutsy American piece of journalism, or bike porn for sexist cyclists, you decide!")


But no sign of my book and I KNOW I did not imagine what I read!  FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I REGRET GIVING AWAY A BOOK!  Or did it just stay on my ex-wife's bookshelf?  If so is the only way for me to resolve this to track her down and ask what she did with my books?!!! Surely not *gasp*

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