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September 17

A word cloud from a profile of mine...

with more info on how to create your own here wordle

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June 17

Just A Toothbrush... Ninja Haiku competition!

 | Jun 17
OK - this was pukeworthy the first time - but it seems to be resurfacing for further attention whoring. If you see in my comment I am inviting Haiku to take the ironic P**s out of this remorselessly - I shall edit some in here myself... soon....

You're a pink one
My toothbrush is greenish
I puked on it

Toothbrush stands there
remorselessly gouging eyes out
from sentmental skull

In response to Just A Toothbrush... by silkgoddess4u:
Just A Toothbrush...

This morning I ran into his toothbrush.
It was hiding behind the Med's.
Oh! I remember so well, watching him
brush his teeth from my bed.
Then he would kiss me good-bye and
rush out the door.

Oh! The toothbrush is still near.
though he is far away.
Just a toothbrush tugging at my heart.
Bringing back memories of happier days.

I remember throwing out this toothbrush
so many times, Or did I?
This time I will be strong.
This time I will take it to the dumpster.
I will not let this toothbrush make me cry.
I will not let it come my way again.

Good-bye toothbrush! The kisses he gave me
were only for fun.
Good-bye toothbrush! He said that he loved me
and he lied from the start.

Just a toothbrush, but with it went my heart.


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February 29

Shucks - no proposals (again!)

 | Feb 29
Hey ho

another leap year, another leap day alone.... Sounds maudlin but I am far from that, happier than I have been in ages and been "getting a lot done" at this end. If they are the right things, who knows, but still makes me feel good whatever it is.

I hear on the radio that some 15,000 women will apparently be bold enough to make a proposal today and if one work out the statistics on this that means that I believe about 50 will be proposing to another on their birthdays as well!

Now I had a daughter by a woman whose birthday falls today, but she never went that far and I had to get on bended knee myself (only to be refused....)

I'll be very interested in any comments or tales folks might have to tell for themselves on this subject.... I wonder how many people have to read my journal for one of them to be a woman who has proposed on a leap day? I bet at least one woman who reads this has at least made a proposal though... Then again there are "lies, damned lies, and statistics".

Anyway - let's see if this brooks any comment (can you say that even?).

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January 14

Feeling better about myself

 | Jan 14
well hello dear diary or random OKC readers (I really am unsure there are any these days!)...

Thought I should make a note on a little positivity from the weekend (I have a vague recollection of some sort of promise about my next entry and doing something - but I cannot remember what it was and only very rarely read my own entries!).

Anyway, I had a visitor to stay and go see the Pop Art exhibition on at the National Portrait Gallery. I am not exactly hous proud, partly because I realy do not like this place but cannot move out until I have work as it would mess up the housing benefit situation. But anyway if I have a visitor it changes everything and I want to do my best, so I spent the whole day of their arrival int he evening on housework, cleaning, shopping, laundry and other preparations. Little did I realise but this was actually mildly enjoyable and highly therapeutic.

Even better therapy was havign them around for the weekend and I was able to discover that yes, I am actually pretty good company. I made them laugh quite a bit with my rambling soliloquoy and random observations on life and other people and self-deprecating stories with a humorous angle. I cooked them a Sunday lunch and took them out for a Hagen Daz after the exhibition. Collected them from and dropped them off at the Railway station.

Why am I journalling all that? Well it made me feel that actually anyone who might actually get to MEET me from OKC (gasp, shock, unrealistic expectation! Having NEVER even come close to this exalted goal!) anyway anyone who actually does take that step may have a highly pleasant time - whether or not it goes any further.

My friend was also full of her own horror stories of dating life that made me feel even more of a catch by comparison, which is less worthy, but adds to the good feelings about myself.

This kind of experience, combined with having a break from parenting which normally dominates my weekends, was a bit of a novelty for me, but I need to bring more of it into my life because it is much needed with my still seeking active employment. That really dented my self-esteem. Thing is you have to regain your self-esteem as a real pre-requisite to any successful job hunting. Still no ideas where to go with that, feel I have applied myself fully to the three avenues I had to approach and without success and that makes it harder than ever but I guess I shall have to just do like my Grandmother used to tell me and "try, try, and try again"!

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November 07

Hanging on in there

 | Nov 7, 2007
well last week I had to go on a JMA (Jobseekers Mandatory ACtivity) course and it was SOOOOooo patronising and demoralising it knocked back my job hunting at least two weeks!

Anyway feelign a little better for no particular reason - perhaps getting my housing benefit claim through has slightly eased my financial worries? Also no doubt the distraction of my impending singing with a choir of Verdis Requiem this Saturday just gives me less space to be depressed. I'll post a post-mortem on that next week hopefully (pun intended).

The other funny news is that my father has tried to give me some fatherly advice and suggests my next career move be to the Church! Now I have had no Damascus moment and cannot claim any special "calling" but this had occurred to me also as a possibility - but things are very much complicated by the fact my faith is grounded in no special denomination - in fact I am a Quaker which means there is no special role for a priest although meeting houses do have Wardens... so anyway I really have no idea how to pursue that.

Of course I shall be especially interested in any comments or messages from one particular person - naming no names they will know who they are!

Anyway that is my update on my tricial and rather depressed life affairs at the moment.

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