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Parental Responsibility – supporting statement (Father's)

I am writing with regard to the enclosed application form, £200 fee, and supporting letter (Mother's).

This is to advise that I wish to register my parental responsibility, as a father, for my daughter Isabel. I believe that under The Children's Act (1984) and since my daughter was born after 2000 (and I not married to her mother), then (despite my name as father on the birth certificate) this is required. Though Isabel's mother is the nominal primary carer we are effectively co-parenting and would both wish to assert my right to parental responsibility.

I have attended a magistrates court and spoken with a duty solicitor in attempting witness of the form. As a result I was referred to the Family or County Courts. Having made numerous calls for assistance on the procedure I have been assured that posting the form, a cheque in sum of £200 court fees, and these letters is appropriate. I have also followed the notes for guidance on the form, and so they are unsigned (though both supporting letters are).

I believe that in the event of her mother's death there could conceivably be legal issues and wish to ensure that there are none. I have been assured that writing and enclosing a fee should be sufficient in light of the fact that this is something desired by both of Isabel's parents and indeed by Isabel herself,

Yours Sincerely


Paul Wrighton

(One pissed off Father of Isabel Eleanor Amelia Wrighton)





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