Spam wonderful spam

OK so I just got my first comment spam.,... sort of makes me want to hide my blog under a frigging great bushel!  There's a positive side to everything though - and in this case it made me reread my first ever blog entry and particularly the closing remark... which was actually linked to this idea.  Now please bear with me, because what I should ideally like to do is take the concept to a whole new level.. in an ideal world I would like to promote people using words like obfuscate and defenestrate (someone should throw that word out the window, it's hardly ever useful!) into some other league at the same time as banning people who use any form of textual contraction (I refuse to say tee ex tee talk!).  So we form a new dictionary to assess literary intellectual achievement and build a meritocracy from it.. but how do we keep the scrabble players and chimpanzees out?  I need to think more.... NO I need to think less... Oh I am not sure... I'll be offline at the weekend and suffering withdrawal symptoms - if I can get online in Glastonbury it will be thanks to a ley line or two and I'll have to blog about them I suppose...  Oh dear I smell burning... which reminds me I am hungry!  I am serious here... this is not like the guy in IRC who announces the house is on fire!  Honest!  Anyway.... collective noun googling is not recommended for your mental health - but this was mildly amusing.  Wieder sehen pets!

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