Sunday COULD be our FIRST Tandem Club ride

I do not have time to write much about it, but on Sunday there is a 20 mile run coming up with the tandem club (see link) which MAY be on!

I cannot begin to say how excited I am

and to commemorate it I am hopeful that we will make the investment in the much needed headsets so that I can describe everything as we go, though I think there will be plenty else if we cannot manage to get that sorted in time.

My biggest fear is that my best beloved Stoker is not feeling great and that we may not be able to find a dog sitter.  I think I can help resolve the latter if neighbours are unavailable, and I think I can persuade her the twenty miles is not too too challenging, but the weather and her health are somewhat in the lap of the Gods...

I'm struggling to contain my excitement right now though, because we were looking into Rohloff hubs and all sorts of expensive and technical tandem geek things so the timing of this WOULD be perfect.  Then again, I should tell myself, there will always be another one.  I think patience would be a commendable thing to have in abundance as a tandem rider.

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