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I was just notified of something called "Fiction Friday" via my Write Anything feed.  So I thought I would spare five or ten minutes and see what I came up with to participate.  The results are below, and I have abided by the rules they are just as I wrote them.  I'll reread it sometime whan and if I get any comments.

Alice tried to remember who had given her the key but as she felt the smoothly worn edge and the smooth leather fob against her palm she was reassured by the weight of it.  Depressing the button at the other end of the key and activating the wireless signal the thrill ran through her in seeming reponse to the signal as she saw the yellow blinking that signalled to her which car unlocked.  She approached the gleaming yellow sports car with a sense of mounting excitement, although she was in her thirty second year she had never driven any kind of performance car before.  But here before her, crouching like an animal ready to pounce, was a Lotus Elise.

The door openned easily and she lowered herself carefully to the interior.  At once she was aware of being extremely close to the surface of the garage, and of reclining far more than she was used to.  The atmosphere within the car intensified as she closed the door and slid the safety belt over her body to secure herself.  Sliding the key home and turning it she could feel her pulse quicken.  As the key turned the car seemed to come to life before her, flickering indications of readiness showing themseves on the dashboard.  She turned the key before she lost her nerve and the engine caught immediately.  Tentatively she allowed her foot to press the accelerator and the response was a throaty growl and a vibration through the bodywork that hinted already of a controlled power, she thought to herself that perhaps this feeling was what people meant when they spoke of the "need for speed".

Alice lowered the handbrake and slipped the clutch to engage the power as she accelerated.  The effect was immediate and breathtaking; pushed back into her seat the car gave every appearance of eating the road ahead with a ravenous appetite.  She slipped immediately into second gear and steered her way down the ramp to leave the garage and join the highway.  Then moving through the gears she rapidly picked up speed and exhilarated in the grace of the car as it clung to the road and made light work of every twist and turn despite the increasingly rapid progress she was making.

Alice could not remember who had given her the key, and it no longer seemed to matter to her, she immersed herself in the pure exhilaration of moving through the world as quickly, precisely, and smoothly, as she could.  She would remember when the drive ended.  She would find out who gave her the key then drive to them - but for now she was lost in the experience of the drive.  They say life is not a destination but a journey.  For these moments Alice's life existed purely in the travelling and all her other thoughts were cast aside.

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  1. I hope whomever gave her the key allows her more journeys :)

    vanessa on
  2. oh wow I was transported into the car along with Alice, well done!

    ~willow~ on
  3. Nice work. I felt like I was in the car with Alice. It brought back the memories of my first (and only) time driving and IROC-Z... I was just 18 and my boss tossed me the keys to go get the tank filled. It was thrilling and scary and exciting, especially given that I drove either a bicycle or my 1980 Ford Escort station wagon at the time! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    Rob on
  4. You've done a great job writing about driving fast. . . and that's the only way to drive!

    Koe Whitton-Williams on
  5. I'm having a Pretty Woman flash back!!

    I wish someone would hand me that keys to a flash, fast car .. but having said that, they probably dont come with anchors in the back for child safety seats!

    Jodi Cleghorn on