Got knocked off

... my touring bike yesterday. Coming away from some lights on the Bromley Road it was what I believe is referred to as a "left hook" where the driver just turned across me as though I was not there taking me out from the offside. I am careful with my road position so it felt as though he must have made some effort to hit me almost! Ironically this was after I had equipped Voyager with a new set of bright lights and made a policy decision to ride with lights on at all times! No witnesses to be had though... possibly due too slight state of shock I agreed he could make good for my ripped trousers, jacket and handlebar tape by posting me a cheque for eighty five quid to make good damages. I tried to impress upon him that above and beyond making good for for my damages I wanted him to ensure he never took down another cyclist and pointed out had it been a frailer person or child things could have turned out a lot worse. Only then did I think to ask him to read the writing on a van across the road... to which he replied he would need his glasses (the ones he was not wearing at the time!) .... and then he mentioned something about cataract operation pending (and he said he had only had one accident in seventy years making him likely late eighties in age). Too late I saw the error of my ways and realised this driver needs assessment and likely should not be driving. But, as Aero said, hopefully this has shaken him up a little and given him pause for thought regarding his driving any longer. For my part perhaps I'll invest in a helmet cam and in future have a definite policy of action for any "SMIDSY" drivers that take me down. I think maybe I should take some sturdy card and write out the steps to take and the things to avoid. I am just left with a huge sense of guilt - what if next time it is a child or an old lady and they are perhaps pulled under or take a more severe hit - I feel I had a responsibility to them to prevent this and I failed in that duty.
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