Feel what I feel

I cannot help thinking it is a fundamental striving of humankind to try and communicate to another how one feels. And to be told and to acknowledge the impossibility of this - therein lies suffering - this is where Sartre was when he said "Hell is other people" surely? Perhaps I make too much of it, but I'm not sure. I want to think about this more....
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  1. I don’t think It is that one can’t expect understanding and empathy for one’s feelings. I agree with you that it is incredibly important in important relationships to feel understood and to have one’s feelings validated. But I would ask you these questions to further understand why this is important: How does one know when one has been fully understood? How does one know when one hasn’t? What difference to either person does this bring about? How do you know when you have fully understood another and what if any difference will that make to how you are? Finally, what happens if you have been understood but the person still doesn’t accept your point of view or has an alternative view of their own Does this still count as being understood? I’d like to discuss these questions with you.


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