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December 13

My celestial birthday treat

Last night I learned that it was not just any full moon on my birthday, but a rather special one.

Unfortunately the weather did not play along with this and permit me to witness the event, there was unbroken cloud throughout the hours of darkness and some pretty awful weather to boot.

Despite the weather I'm having a fine old time, it was worth making the effort to drive over to Redditch and stay with my friend.  I brought all my discarded computer components in varying states of disrepair and by combining these with those he may have available the hope is that we come up with a working machine to take home for my daughter as a sort of Christmas present from him (he is her Godfather too).  No doubt there may also be an excursion to te cinema tomorrow, I am hoping to escape "High School Musical 3" in favour of "Madagascar 2" or even "Desperaux", we shall see.

Although I did not blog about it at the time I have been Carol singing for charity a couple of times with the Lewisham Choral Society.  I have also shown Robert, and will share here, something which myself and other "Friends" composed for a bit of fun that I shall be helping sing as entertainment at the Christmas lunch on Sunday afternoon, to be sung to the tune of "Christmas Wonderland":-



1.         Sleigh-bells ring, are you listening?

In the road all is glistening.

We cheerfully walk but in Meeting don’t talk,

Walking in a Quaker wonderland.


2.         Be patterns, be examples

Whilst we’re sewing all our samples,

We stand in the light and try not to fight,

Walking in a Quaker wonderland.


3.         All-age worship we can build a snowman,

And pretend that it’s a metaphor

And if you find you want a new committee

We’ll help you find a reason it is for!


4.         When it works, ain’t it thrilling,

Though your doubts may be chilling.

We frolic and play in a moderate way,

Walking in a Quaker wonderland.


5.         We decide a lot in Local Meeting,

Once we have decided what it’s for.

Everything that’s said will get a minute

Until we haven’t got a minute more!


(Work out how to do a silence here?)


6.         Sleigh-bells ring, are you listening?

In the road all is glistening.

We cheerfully walk but in Meeting don’t talk,

Walking in a Quaker wonderland.


1, 2, 4 and 6 are the chorus tune

3 and 5 are the verse tune.


So, as you see, things are getting remarkably festive already, and I guess that's getting reflected in my blog.

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October 07

Is it a blog without words?

No, I think not.  I think then it turns into a [[tumblelog]] or a [[stumbleupon]] or something.  So despite the late hour I shall pen a few words.  Today I think, fingers crossed, I have got the blogroll sorted, after more hours than I care to mention tinkering with the php.  It was a simple change, but took me an age.  Anyway, now I can order my blogroll as I choose and hopefully that will be the last we hear on the matter.  I seems to have my personal email is available to me again… But I seem to have to use Thunderbird to access it.  Which is no bad thing. It is a mystery what caused the blip, but I suspect the DNS changes which gave my blog quite a blip too.

Below you will see there has been a bit of a media explosion.  I got my mobile lead and a webcam back, so was able to upload the pics I mentioned from the carnival and capture my awful [Wordia] candidate entry for the word didactic.  The site seems to have some sort of problems, so the upload is not happening, but  it is there on YouTube and maybe it will get to Wordia someday, if they answer my question.

I've also spent a little time on my [[NaNoWriMo]] account and that's on the sidebar now too.  The aim is that I am going to write a novel in November.  I had an idea today, the only one so far for the writing.  It is just the germ of an idea at the moment.  I'm not sure if it will bear fruit.  My hope is that I could make a plot device or take some liberties with the literary form to intertwine a blog as a narrative device within a novel. As you may guess the idea is to make that blog actually be this one!  This would be a neat trick as it would mean I can continue to blog whilst working on the novel, and all the words here would also count towards the 50,000 required for NaNoWriMo.  It may make for an unusual blog archive for the month of November, we'll have to see how I can develope the idea.

Incidentally there's a spin off from NaNoWriMo calle NaBloPoMo... I'm still not sure about that one.  Perhaps I shall add it to the sidebar and participate.  It would be easy to do so during November, which is also their main month.  They just want a blog post every day for a month.  During the current month there is a theme and you are invited to blog on the subject of "voting".  I took the view this was a very American take on things and I would not like to be restricted in my blogging scope that way for a month.  But during November I gather there is no thematic requirement, so I may be up for that.

One of the reasons it is so late as to make this post dated the 7th is that  I had choir practice this evening.  I have added a brief excerpt from the piece, though this does not include the choral parts I have to sing it is quite beautiful.  If you'd like to hear the full recording it is available at the moment from a subsidiary page which you could hunt out via the ABOUT ME links, but I keep the audio on the blog shorter than the 130MB download the complete concert takes!

That's about it; a busy day all round.

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