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November 28

A Quaker on the run?....

For a couple of weeks I have not felt ready to engage with the other Friends at my local meeting, which is definitely challenging, but not necesssarily a bad thing or something to be ashamed of.  It is almost a commonplace thing for Quakers to complain of the company they seem bound to keep, at least amongst those Friends whom I tend to respect and socialise with.  So attending a couple of Meetings outside my local area has, perhaps, been good for me spiritually.

I was led this evening to check the accessibility of a couple of testimonies from Quaker Faith and Practice and was pleased to find they were indeed available, and furthermore that [[Quaker Faith and Practice]] is readily available and indexed online.  The first passage concerned the idea that the person you f8ind the hardest to get along with is the very one you are likely to be confronted with at Meeting, perhaps.  I think it is the one referenced here.  Secondly I was concerned abotu conflict in a wider sense in my life and after spending the majority of my time in Meeting today eventually found this reference, which lists the three key skills as "naming", "listening" and "letting go".  I am awfully ashamed to notice that these are my greatest weaknesses and areas in which I am so unskilled they are virtual anathema to me.  The last feels simply like "dying" as far as I can relate to it... which is pretty dire!

At least I am, perhaps, attemtping the "naming" of my own internal struggle?  For what it is worth perhaps this could represent a first step?

On a tangent, but relevant in terms of my curiosity and exploration, I am trying to discover next how these "testimonies" (I think that is the correct term) come to be placed into QFP... I believe one possible route is as testimony after a member has died.  I am almost certain Yearly Meeting is involved.  But beyond that the matter remains opaque to me - one thing is for sure in being a Quaker, it is all out there but you need an enquiring mind!

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September 04

Categories of Engagement

It is not too often the personal intrudes on this blog (I hope!) But today I would like to indulge myself a little.  Anyone who has been here before will perhaps notice that there are a couple of new categories creeping in here.

One is cycling - and the tandem features (Now enhanced with lights and super bell and ready to roll!).

The other is marriage - and this is because I am now engaged to be wed, I have plighted my troth!  It will be a long engagement, but if any matters come up which I think I can talk about here (or even if I read anything which seems connected) then I may post to this category.

On which subject my fiancee thinks this blog would reach a much wider audience and I can see what she means (though am uncertain I really want the world and it's brother to be reading this - my hosting could not cope for a start!).  BUT I have decided to see if I can register the domain "" as a possible alternative.

UNLESS anyone has any better ideas for the name of this blog?  AND YES; I do realise the heading banner and design would be due for a complete overhaul as a result, then again I am quite keen to improve the site's accessibility and so should not mind this.

A post should be forthcomng to review the book "Chicago" soon and not sure what will follow from that, perhaps a thrilling account of the first tandem tour involving panniers and distance!


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January 22

A very interesting painter in Peckham of all places!

Today I heard about this man on the World Service in the wee small hours of the morning, all the more interesting to me once I googled him and discovered he is actually a local artist!

I shall be seeing what I can do to track down an exhibition next, especially since the weather is looking as though our multiple tandem rides for the weekend are at least partially likely to be curtailed.

Perhaps further on this as and when I do get to see his work.  Watch this space, an update should be coming soon!

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